Menopause Symptom Assessment

Navigating the transition into menopause can be challenging, especially when you're unsure if the changes you're experiencing are related to perimenopause. That's why we've developed a comprehensive, easy-to-use Symptom Assessment based on the renowned Greene Climacteric Scale. This tool is designed to help demystify the signs of menopause, offering you clarity and guidance on your journey.

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How It Works:

Our assessment takes you through a series of questions adapted from the Green Climacteric Scale, covering a wide range of symptoms from physical changes to emotional shifts. It's more than just a quiz; it's a pathway to understanding your body's signals and the stages of menopause.

Why Use Our Symptom Assessment?

Free and Confidential: Your health and privacy are paramount. Access this tool at no cost and with the assurance of confidentiality.

Scientifically Based: Leveraged from the trusted Green Climacteric Scale, ensuring you receive accurate and reliable insights.

Empowering: Knowledge is power. Understanding your symptoms can empower you to make informed decisions about your health and well-being.

Start your assessment today and take the first step toward navigating your menopause journey with confidence.

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